How can your organization quickly migrate thousands of smart forms to HTML5?

Introducing Volopage… the world’s only Form Governance Framework. Transform thousands of forms at a time. Unlock the business rules captured in smart pdfs and open a world of data management, control and analytics.


The new standard in mountain-scale form management. Form Governance helps your organization, by quickly TRANSFORMING and DEPLOYING forms to HTML5, while preparing for the EVOLUTION of your business in the future.


Volopage ingests all of your XFA and Acroform PDFs or traditional print forms. One thousand or one hundred thousand, our proprietary engine rapidly converts them to WCAG 2.0 AA compliant HTML5 in weeks instead of years.

You can edit fields, change business rules, rationalize data or simply let Volopage intelligently detect each form field type automatically.


Once your Volopage Form is prepared, simply hook in your database and deploy to any secure web environment. No troublesome Javascript or insecure code to worry about. It’s even accessible for today’s screen reader devices and responsive for mobile devices.


Volopage is ready for anything. It responds to your needs by allowing you to edit all of your forms, no matter the number, and rationalize the countless similarities.

Adjust any field, and instantly everything is processed and ready to be published or deployed.

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One framework to rule them all.

When your government organization decided it was time to go paperless, the reasons were all very clear. Save time, maximize budgets, and reduce the mountains of paper that you were required to manage.

Your team thought “Surely there must be a service out there to accomplish this!”

Well, like all of your peers discovered, there simply isn’t an effective solution short of building an expensive, time consuming, completely custom web application.

Any format you can throw at us.

WCAG 2.0 AA Compliant HTML5 batch conversion in no time.

Whether your organization has 1,000 or 100,000 forms, our proprietary engine can transform any file format to HTML5 in a fraction of the time it would take to complete manually.

No more need for months of work or expensive custom coded form sites.

Future Proof

Quickly mass edit and deploy.

The Form Governance Framework was designed from the ground up to meet your organization’s needs today and in the future.

Edit all forms at once and deploy…it’s that easy.

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